• Online Customer Account Registration for CME Clearing360.

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      • #
      • 08-178
      • Notice Date
      • 12 August 2008
      • Effective Date
      • 12 August 2008

      Online Customer Account Registration Application now available for CME Clearing 360

      We are pleased to announce the new online Clearing 360 Account Registration application.
      The online application replaces the paper-based Exhibit A to the Clearing 360 Firm agreement. You can use the new application to register customer accounts for which trades will be submitted through the Clearing 360 application programming interface (API), and specify data for each account:
      • The account number, CTI and origin code you wish on the trades when they are received
      • An “account alias” which is a globally unique alias and may be used when submitting trades in place of the account and firm numbers
      • The firm numbers to be used when submitting trades for CME and CBOT products, respectively
      • The “sources” from which you wish to accept trades
      • The brokers from which you wish to accept trades
      To use Clearing 360, clearing firms must sign the CME Clearing360 Clearing Firm Agreement. Signing this agreement is a one-time thing. We urge all clearing firms that have not already executed this agreement to do so promptly. 
      The Clearing 360 Clearing Firm Agreement is available at: http://www.cme.com/cme/clearing/clr/clradv/files/Chadv08-144.pdf
      To obtain access to the new online Account Registration application, clearing firms must submit an Appendix C – a “Clearing 360 Online Access Request” -- for each employee they wish to have such access. 
      Appendix C is available at:
      As indicated above, using the new online Account Registration application is equivalent to executing an Exhibit A to the Clearing Firm Agreement for each registered account.
      Exhibit A is available at:
      Executed CME Clearing360 Clearing Firm Agreements and Exhibits may be submitted by scanning them and emailing the resulting PDF file to firmsupport@cmegroup.com, or by faxing them to 312-338-2626.