Agricultural Liquidity Alert Channels

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The following spreadsheet outlines the available Liquidity Alert channels for agricultural products and which contracts are contained in each channel. As a subscriber to a channel, you will recieve alerts for all of the contracts within that channel. 

Channel Name Contract Full Name ClearPort Code Globex Code
Dry Whey Options Dry Whey Options DY DY
Cash-settled Butter Options Cash-settled Butter Options CB CB
Cash-settled Cheese Options Cash-settled Cheese Options CSC CSC
Class III Milk Futures Class III Milk Futures DA DC
Class IV Milk Futures Class IV Milk Futures DK GDK
Non-fat Dry Milk Futures Non-fat Dry Milk Futures NF GNF
Dry Whey Futures Dry Whey Futures DY DY
Cash-settled Butter Futures Cash-settled Butter Futures CB CB
Cash-settled Cheese Futures Cash-settled Cheese Futures CSC CSC
Class III Milk Options Class III Milk Options DA DC
Class IV Milk Options Class IV Milk Options DK GDK
Non-fat Dry Milk Options Non-fat Dry Milk Options NF GNF
Lumber Futures Random Length Lumber Futures LB LBS
Lumber Options Random Length Lumber Options LB LBS
Livestock CSO First Contract Back Live Cattle CSO C0A L0A
Livestock CSO Second Contract Back Live Cattle CSO C0B
Livestock CSO Third Contract Back Live Cattle CSO C0C
Grain CSO KC HRW Jul-Jul CSO CKN 12K
Grain CSO Corn Dec-Dec CSO CCZ 12C
Grain CSO Corn Mar-Jul CSO 7CC CZ7
Grain CSO Consecutive Corn CSO PYC CZC
Grain CSO Soybean Nov-Nov CSO SCX 12S
Grain CSO Chicago SRW Wheat July-July CSO CWN 12W
Grain CSO Consecutive Soybean Oil CSO COY CZL
Grain CSO KC HRW Mar-Jul CSO KC3 CK3
Grain CSO Soybean Weekly Options Wk3 MYC CZM
Grain CSO Corn Mar-Dec CSO 3CC CZ9
Grain CSO Consecutive KC HRW CSO K7C KZC
Grain CSO Chicago SRW Wheat July-Dec CSO CWM WCM
Grain CSO Chicago SRW Wheat Dec-July CSO CW6 WC6
Grain CSO Chicago SRW Wheat Mar-July CSO CW3 WC3
Grain CSO Soybean Jan-May CSO KSC SZK
Grain CSO Soybean Mar-Jul CSO KSH SZH
Grain CSO Soybean Nov-Jul CSO SX9 SZ9
Grain CSO Soybean Nov-Mar CSO  SC3 SZ3
Grain CSO Soybean Jul-Jul CSO SC1 SZ1
Grain CSO Soybean Jan-March CSO S8C SZ8
Grain CSO Soybean Mar-Nov SC0 SZ0
Grain CSO Soybean Aug-Nov CSO SC4 SZ4
Grain CSO Soybean May-Nov CSO C7S SC7
Grain CSO Soybean Oil July-Dec CSO CO6 OC6
Grain CSO Soybean Oil Dec-Jul CSO OC3 NC3
Grain CSO Soybean Oil Aug-Dec CSO OC4 NC4
Grain CSO Soybean Oil Sep-Dec CSO OC5 NC5
Grain CSO Soybean Meal July-Dec CSO SM6 MC6
Grain CSO Soybean Meal Dec-Jul CSO SM3 MC3
Grain CSO Soybean Meal Aug-Dec CSO SM4 MC4
Grain CSO Soybean Meal Sep-Dec CSO SM5 MC5
Grain CSO Chicago SRW Wheat Dec-Dec CSO WCZ CWZ
Grain CSO Consecutive Chicago SRW Wheat CSO WZC CZW
Grain CSO KC HRW Dec-Jul CSO CK6 KC6
Grain CSO Consecutive Soybean CSO ZSC CZS
Grain CSO Corn July-Dec CSO CC6 CZ6
Grain CSO Corn Dec-July CSO 8CC CZ8

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