Selecting Products

All products are selected as a default for the calendar.

To customize your view, click Select Products.....

step 1

Type in Product Name or Clearing/Globex Code into Product Search box.

Search results will predict what you are typing and compile a list of relevant products

Select desired products by checking boxes next to name. All selected products will show instantly in Selected Products box.

When finished, click Update Calendar

Selecting Product Dates


Product dates can be found on the left side of the page.
The default Product Dates selected are "Last Trade Date (Expiration & Termination Day)"

To change, check/uncheck desired dates. The Calendar view will update automatically. To select/deselect all dates, check "View All"

Reading Month View

The month view displays all Last Trade Dates as a default. The calendar will show the number of Products with a Last Trade Date on a given day. All Product Dates are highlighted in blue. The number will change as the user selects new Product Dates. Today's date is always highlighted.

Changing Months

To change months, the user can either click "Previous Month" or "Next Month". User can also select a desired month and year from the dropdown in between"Previous Month" and "Next Month"

Reading Day Snapshot View


Today's date is displayed as a default. The display changes as you click other dates on calendar.

The Day Snapshot gives a detailed view of Product Dates. The display is Code - Product name - Product Date type - Contract month

If viewing product across Asset Classes, user can also jump to them using the "Jump to:" dropdown.

User can go to expanded single day view by clicking "Full View"next to date.