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      • COMEX 17-0648-BC-2
      • Effective Date
      • 05 March 2019

      Zhuang Lirui

      EXCHANGE RULES: Rule 432.L General Offenses

      It shall be an offense:

      L.1. to fail to appear before the Board, Exchange staff or any investigative or hearing committee at a duly convened hearing, scheduled staff interview or in connection with any investigation.


      On December 5, 2018, a Panel of the Commodity Exchange (“COMEX”) Probable Cause Committee (“PCC”) charged non-member, Zhuang Lirui (“Lirui”) with violating Exchange Rule 432.L.1., for failing to appear before Exchange staff for a scheduled interview in relation to Lirui’s order entry and trading activity in various COMEX precious metal markets in between November 2016 and February 2017.

      On January 24, 2019, a Hearing Panel Chair of the COMEX Business Conduct Committee (“BCC”) entered an order finding that Lirui failed to answer the charges against her. The Hearing Panel Chair further ordered that Lirui was deemed to have admitted the charge issued and waived her right to a hearing on the merits of the charge.

      On February 13, 2019, a penalty hearing was held before a panel of the COMEX BCC (“BCC Panel”) which found that Lirui had committed the violation charged.


      In accordance with Exchange Rule 402.B. (Sanctions), the BCC Panel ordered Lirui to be permanently banned from (a) applying for Membership at any CME Group exchange; (b) direct or indirect access to any trading or clearing platform owned or controlled by the CME Group, Inc. exchange, including CME Globex.