• CME ClearPort API Notices: Janaury 3, 2018

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      • CME ClearPort API Customers
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      • Global Market Solutions and Services
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      • 20180103api
      • Notice Date
      • 03 January 2018
      • Effective Date
      • 03 January 2018
    • Topics in this issue include:

      New - Give-Up Trade Indicator Supported Prior to Submission

      Effective Sunday, January 21 (trade date Monday, January 22), the Give-up Trade Indicator will be supported in CME ClearPort API and CME ClearPort UI prior to submission.



      • “0” indicates that the Trade is not Marked for Allocation. 
      • “1” indicates that the Trade is Marked for Allocation, but no Allocation block will be provided with Carry / Claim Firm information. 


      • "Give-up" will be available for selection from a checkbox at the Side Level (both sides are eligible), and can be viewed on the trade ticket.

      These changes will be available in New Release for customer testing on Wednesday, January 10.

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      Price Precision Extension

      In the second half of 2018, CME ClearPort API will support an increase to the maximum price precision from seven to nine decimal places to provide greater price granularity for future launches.

      In Q4 2018, the first application of this new price format functionality, pending regulatory approval, will be implemented for 2-Year Treasury Note futures, future spreads and inter-commodity spreads.

      The attributes listed below will be impacted.

      For more on impacted products and CME Globex, iLink messaging, Drop Copy and Market Data impacts, view the CME Globex Client Impact Assessment.

      Trade Capture Reports and Acknowledgements

      Price will be impacted at the Trade Capture Report and Trade Instrument Leg Group levels.

      Level Field Name FIXML Attribute Name
      /TrdCaptRpt - inbound Trade Price LastPx
      /TrdCaptRpt/TrdLeg - inbound Leg Last Price LastPx
      /TrdCaptRptAck - outbound Trade Price LastPx
      /TrdCaptRptAck/TrdLeg - outbound Leg Last Price LastPx
      /TrdCaptRpt - outbound Trade Price LastPx
      /TrdCaptRpt/TrdLeg - outbound Leg Last Price LastPx

      Reference Data

      Level Field Name FIXML Attribute Name
      /SecDef/Instrmt MinPriceIncrement MinPxIncr
      /DerivSecList/DerivSecDef/DerivInstrmt MinPriceIncrement MinPxIncr

      These enhancements will be available for customer testing in New Release in the first half of 2018.

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