• Certified Public Accountant Confirmation Requests

      • To
      • Chief Financial Officers; Chief Compliance Officers
      • From
      • Financial and Regulatory Surveillance
      • #
      • 16-05
      • Notice Date
      • 10 November 2016
      • Effective Date
      • 10 November 2016

      TO: Chief Financial Officers #16-05

      Chief Compliance Officers

      DATE: November 10, 2016

      SUBJECT: Certified Public Accountant Confirmation Requests

      CME Group Inc. receives external confirmation requests from certified public accountants during the course of their annual examinations of member firms. To ensure confirmation requests are processed efficiently and in a timely manner, the requests should be sent to the attention of the applicable individual at the following addresses:

      CME Group Inc.

      20 S. Wacker Drive

      Chicago, IL 60606

      Subordinated Debt: Lisa Creamer, Financial Coordinator, Financial and Regulatory Surveillance Department –Lisa.Creamer@cmegroup.com

      CME Group Inc. Class A Shares: Elizabeth Hausoul, Manager, Shareholder Relations & Member Services –Elizabeth.Hausoul@cmegroup.com

      CME/CBOT Memberships: Carol Jackson, Membership Representative, Memberships, Commercial – Carol.Jackson@cmegroup.com

      CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX Performance Bond, Guarantee Deposits, and Variation Settlements: Colleen Smith, Senior Compliance and Internal Controls Analyst – HistoricalReportReprints@cmegroup.com

      CME Group Inc.

      300 Vesey Street

      New York, NY 10282

      NYMEX/COMEX Memberships, Carolyn Sterling, Supervisor, Memberships, Commercial – NYMembershipDepartment@cmegroup.com

      Performance Bond, Guarantee Deposits, Variation Settlements, and other clearing information will be confirmed by email using opportunistic encryption. If the certified public accountant’s email gateway does not support this type of encryption, messages will be sent as secure attachments. The certified public accountant will receive a message advising them that they have received an email containing CME Group Confidential or CME Group Highly Sensitive information. To view the information, they must click on the attachment included in this message.

      If you have any questions, please contact the Financial and Regulatory Surveillance Department at 312-930-3230.