Transaction Reporting Under MiFID II

MiFIR mandates the reporting of trades undertaken by EU investment firms to their local regulator (National Competent Authority) either directly or via an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM). EU investment firms have to report transactions in any financial instrument admitted to trading or traded on an EU trading venue. This may include some trades executed on CME Group’s U.S. markets.

The MiFIR Transaction Reporting Product File produced by CME Group will assist EU investment firms in fulfilling their MiFIR reporting obligation for trades executed on CME Group markets.

Where EU investment firms have a MiFIR reporting obligation, CME Group will provide, on request and with the appropriate agreement in place, reports populated with available data to assist EU investment firms with their MiFIR reporting obligation. See a list of products.

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If you are regulated in the EU as an investment firm and would like to receive these reports, or if you would like to learn more about the service, register below.

The list is not comprehensive and some of our other contracts may also be reportable. It is based on our interpretation of MiFIR and guidance on transaction reporting published by EU authorities as understood as of August 2017. This interpretation may prove to be incorrect, it may change and the table may not be updated. The purpose of the table is to provide general information. It does not contain a full analysis of the law and needs to be read in the context of MiFID II as a whole. Nor does it constitute an opinion of CME Group on the points discussed. CME Group makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained in the file and we advise our clients to carry out their own analysis and, if necessary, to take specific legal advice on any particular matter which concerns them.
CME Group is happy to assist and to provide information in relation to participation in our U.S. markets, however please note we cannot provide legal advice, so any information we share is purely based on our interpretation and does not constitute legal or other advice. You should always undertake your own research or obtain your own advice relating to your legal or regulatory obligations, and should not rely on any information provided by CME Group.