What do you find most motivating about working here?

As a technologist, I enjoy solving complex problems requiring dynamic solutions. We get to be trendsetters in FinTech and have the privilege of working with the latest tools and technologies. No two days are the same, and I love that I get to approach new challenges and opportunities that inspire me to further broaden my knowledge. That, along with the opportunity to work alongside some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, makes working at CME Group a fulfilling and stimulating experience.

What aspect(s) of your work do you find meaningful and why?

I work on futures and options settlement systems, which calculate daily settlement prices for all contracts traded at CME Group. These prices are critical for traders to mark their positions and can influence their trading strategies. When I see the prices for these products on the news, I know exactly what algorithms these products use to derive the prices, and that understanding gives me an immense sense of satisfaction. The fact that the work we do at CME Group has such a significant impact on global markets makes it all the more meaningful.

What does CME Group’s commitment to learning and development look like?

CME Group offers an excellent educational assistance program. As a Masters in Computer Science myself, I recognize the opportunities this opens up and have encouraged several members of my team to pursue their post graduate aspirations with CME Group’s financial support.

Employees can choose from a wide range of training programs ranging from learning a new tool or programming language to getting Google Cloud certified. CME Group is committed to helping employees succeed in the roles they have today and gain new skills and experiences to develop in their careers for the future.


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