What has motivated you to stay at CME Group during your career?

I've worked for the company for more than 20 years and appreciate all of the opportunities CME Group has given me to achieve my career goals. We have great people, a great culture and all of the technology stacks. Even though we are the pinnacle of our industry, CME Group doesn't rest on its laurels, so there is always a new exciting project in flight.

What aspect(s) of your work do you find meaningful and why?

The two most important aspects of my work are connecting with people and being a problem solver. We have so many smart and motivated team members here that it's hard to not be inspired to push yourself to new heights. Our culture makes you want to contribute and put in that work so that you feel you are making as big of an impact as you can. Everyone here plays a part in CME Group’s success. It takes many smart and talented colleagues to achieve everything that we have in our storied history.

What kinds of learning opportunities have you been involved with during your time at CME Group?

I would categorize the learning opportunities in two categories: learning through doing and dedicated training. Luckily, I've been able to learn through doing across many technology stacks like ultra low latency message processing, big data analytics, petabyte database and user interfaces. I've also had the pleasure to learn how to be coachable as a team member, how to coach team members and how to be a great peer. CME Group also offers directed training for specific projects or roles, so you always feel supported in gaining new experiences and skills. There are also opportunities for endless self-directed learning and our Women In Technology Employee Resource Group puts on a fantastic onsite technology conference annually.


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