What does work-life balance look like for you at CME Group?

Work-life balance is excellent here. The flexible work model that CME Group implemented following the pandemic that balances working from home with being in the office is something that I really like and value. I know from speaking to my colleagues that this approach is very much embraced across our locations globally.

What do you find most meaningful about your work?

The variety of work appeals to me - running daily business activities and contributing to the many special projects and integration efforts that are ongoing. I enjoy collaborating with multiple teams as it provides a great opportunity to meet talented colleagues across the different divisions. I also appreciate the ability to learn about how new products and technologies work and how CME Group will use them to deliver value to our clients.

What kinds of learning opportunities have you been involved with during your time at CME Group? How does your team prioritize learning and development?

When delivering and supporting the technology CME Group uses to run our markets, it has always been a priority for me to understand how that technology is being used. It helps paint the bigger picture of how we manage our operations and serve our customers’ needs. Our cloud migration is a big priority for my team, and we are focused on understanding all of the benefits the Google Cloud Platform has to offer, including the different products and services we can use to expand access to our markets and create efficiencies for our clients.


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