How do you typically spend your day?

My days usually begin with our daily team standup where the team discusses new blockers, what everyone did since the last standup, and what the goals are for the day. After that, I am typically able to focus on completing my tasks at my own pace with a few meetings sprinkled here and there. This also allows me to enjoy a workout during lunchtime and take personal breaks in between development cycles.

Who do you work with in your role and what does that collaboration look like?

As an engineer working on our risk calculators, I am always in contact with different analysts and business subject matter experts across the company in order to keep our applications up to date and compliant with CME Group’s business needs. I also work closely with an adjacent data storage and management team to ensure that our applications are able to optimally access and alter data when necessary.

What do you most enjoy about your role and working at CME Group?

I enjoy the task-focused work I do since it provides me the freedom and flexibility to work at my own speed, take breaks when needed, and divide my attention among different responsibilities. It also helps me better keep track and refer to previous work I’ve done and feel accomplished in my professional career.


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