Will the futures market go up or down? Choose a side with event contracts

Will the futures market go up or down? Choose a side with event contracts

Event contracts offer an intuitive way to access 11 of the world’s most important futures markets. Explore limited-risk contracts to take part in these benchmark markets.

Live event contract pricing

Check out the entire suite of event contracts below, including daily expiries for all event contracts and longer-dated expiries for E-mini S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 futures.

Prices in question reference the underlying futures markets.

See how event contracts work

Choose a side

Choosing a “Yes” or “No” position on a predicted closing price will cost $1 – $99 to trade. This value will vary throughout the trading period as the likelihood of the product closing above the predicted price changes with market movements.

Know what you will earn or lose

Once you choose a side, you can rest easy knowing what you paid is the most you can lose.

You will be credited $100 if your prediction is correct, and $0 if your prediction is incorrect. So, if you paid $75 for a “Yes” position that closed in your favor, your profit would be $25.*

*Less applicable fees and commissions

Understand the probabilities

The price of the position is closely tied with the trade’s percent probability of success.

For example, if you pay $75 to take a “Yes” position on a price prediction, the market is suggesting that there is a 75% chance of the product closing above the listed price.

Start trading event contracts

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Dive into event contract resources

Get to know more about event contracts with frequently asked questions, helpful videos and related courses to help you start trading our suite of contracts across asset classes.

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CME Group reminds all market participants that they are required to abide by applicable local regulations with respect to trading, sale or distribution of Event Contracts. Market participants that trade or wish to trade Event Contracts, and brokers that seek to sell or distribute such products, must therefore comply with any applicable restrictions or prohibitions imposed by such market participant’s home jurisdiction, including where applicable, and without limitation, the prohibitions on marketing, offering or distribution of such products to retail customers in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

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