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Collaborate with global market participants over a secure, fast network with CME Chat instant messaging. Built for your needs.

Technical Support

U.S. +1 800 438 8616

Europe: +44 20 7623 4747

Asia: +65 6532 5010

Global Command Center (GCC)


Global Community

  • Connect to CME Group’s trading community with integrated workflows in CME Direct
  • Work seamlessly with CME Direct Mobile to parse QuickTime analytics, client API and Coverage Points
  • Easily connect to Eikon Messenger's 300,000 verified global users with seamless network federation

Time-Saving Workflow Efficiencies

  • Instantly send out messages to single or multiple distribution lists
  • Quickly create and receive parsed pricing quotes that facilitate trade entry
  • Receive liquidity and block trade information from CME Group’s markets
  • Set up Quick Key messages to create your own shorthand and communicate faster
  • Easily retrieve chat log history and search for keywords

Customizable Collaboration

  • Use persistent chat rooms to collaborate real-time internally or externally in an organized fashion
  • Tailor rooms to your needs with configuration options, such as coverage points and read-only responses
  • Create alerts on keywords, counterparty availability and counterparty messages

Seamless Archiving and Compliance

  • Automatically capture and archive all messages 
  • Seamlessly integrate with best-in-class compliance programs through our third-party partnerships


    • CME Chat Demo
    • CME Chat Demo Watch a short demonstration on how to configure and use CME Chat.
    • User Guide
    • User Guide Get an in-depth understanding of Chat feature and capabilities by accessing the User Guide.

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To find out more about CME Chat, contact:

Market Technology Sales

For onboarding and entitlements, contact:

Enterprise Application & System Entitlements (EASE)

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