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Request Center

The Request Center is a suite of self-service functions for managing CME Globex entity requests, firm configurations.

  1. To access the Request Center: 

From the CME Customer Center - Administration menu, select Request Center.

From the Request Center toolbar, select Futures and Options Requests or BrokerTec Requests.

After logging in and selecting Request Center the default start page, My Requests, appears. Use My Requests to view Submitted / In-Progress requests or approve / reject requests submitted by other entity users.

Help icon: () Available from the Request Center toolbar, select to view an instructional webhelp .

My Requests

My Requests is the default start page for Request Center that appears after logging in.

  • Request Status: A lists of submitted requests. To view additional details, select from the list.

  • To Do: A list of all requests requiring review and decision.
    To view additional details, search and / or select a request.
  • Filter: To narrow the requests, enter search criteria in the row below column headings.

Note: Column filtering is available for Request Center and Globex Firms lists.

  • Sort: Sort requests in ascending / descending order by selecting a column heading.

  • Copy: Copy results table, to view and analyze in another application.
  • Export: To CSV, Excel, PDF formats
  • Print: View all requests in a printer friendly format.

Futures & Options Requests

  • Globex Firms: An entity allowed to trade products in accordance with its clearing relationships. The Executing Firm ID is three alphanumeric characters, which may be the same as the Clearing Firm ID. Executing Firm ID is also referred to as Executing Firm, CME Globex API, Trading Member Firm (TMF) / Trading Firm, and Badge Firm.

For order entry setup, create and manage GFIDs

  • Drop Copy Groups: Facilitate the ability to receive copies of trading activity messages for a group of iLink sessions. Trading activity messages include CME Globex Execution Report and Acknowledgment messages.

To setup trading activity communications, via iLink order entry gateway, create drop copy groups.

  • iLink Sessions: iLink Order Entry Sessions are used to establish CME Globex FIX sessions to send and receive business messages between the client and host.

To access CME Globex to send / receive order messages, create and manage iLink Order Entry sessions.

  • Tag 50: Also known as CME Globex Operator ID, the Tag 50 identifies unique individuals or ATS Groups that access and submit messages to CME Globex.

To set up individuals and ATS teams that will submit messages to CME Globex, register a CME Globex Operator (Tag 50) ID.

BrokerTec Requests

  • Globex User Signature (GUS): Associated with Globex Firms, a GUS identifies BrokerTec participants (persons or algo operators) authorized to manage BrokerTec - GFID market participants and submit trades.

To create and associate a CME Group Login ID with a GFID, use the GUS self-service function.

  • Order Entry Sessions: Order Entry Sessions are used to establish CME Globex FIX sessions to send and receive business messages between the client and host.

Create and manage order entry sessions, which are used to access CME Globex to send / receive order messages.

  • Drop Copy Groups: Allows customers to receive real-time copies of CME Globex Execution Report and Acknowledgment messages as they are sent over iLink order entry system sessions on a separate, dedicated path.

Create sessions that can receive trading activity communications via the iLink Order Entry gateway.

  • Market Data Sessions: Create sessions to access TCP market data via an API connection.


Preferences is a self-service function used to associate registered entity with Clearing Firms and Front-End Systems and manage firm / user permissions for Tag 50 Globex Operator IDs and iLink Order Entry sessions.

  1. To set up clearing firm mapping:

Clearing firm mapping updates require coordination with the existing clearing firm and CME Group's Global Account Management team.

  1. From the Request Center - Preferences menu, select Clearing Firms.

  1. Select a Registered Entity.

If you have access to just one entity, it is selected by default.

A list of available clearing firms, for the selected entity, appears.

  1. Click Add Clearing Firms.
  2. From the list, select a clearing firm, to add to the Registered Entity, then click Add Selected.

A confirmation message appears, indicating the clearing firm has been added successfully.

  1. To set up front end system mapping:
  1. From the Request Center - Preferences menu, select Clearing Firms.

  1. Select a Registered Entity.

A list of available front end systems, for the selected entity, appears.

  1. To make updates, contact Global Account Management.

Managing Request Center Permissions

The CME Customer Center - Request Center includes self-service capability for Clearing Firm Admin Managers to manage entitlements for Tag 50 and iLink Self-Service; as designated below:

To use this function, clearing firm users must have Admin Manager or Application Administrator entitlements.


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