Request Center

The Request Center is a self-service function used by authorized users to perform self-service functions and submit entity requests for clearing firm and / or CME Group administrator review and approval. Available request types include CME Globex entities:

  • Drop CopyClosed Allows customers to receive real-time copies of CME Globex Execution Report and Acknowledgment messages as they are sent over iLink order entry system sessions on a separate, dedicated path.
  • CME Globex Firm IDClosed A logical entity allowed to trade products in accordance with its clearing relationships. The Executing Firm ID is three digits long and is alphanumeric or just numeric. Sometimes this coincides with the Clearing Firm ID. Executing Firm ID is synonymous with: Executing Firm, CME Globex API / CME Globex API ID, Trading Member Firm (TMF) / Trading Firm, and Badge Firm.
  • iLink SessionsClosed iLink Sessions are used to establish a CME Globex FIX sessions to send and receive business messages between the client and host.
  • Tag 50 Globex Operator IDClosed A Tag 50, or Operator ID, uniquely identifies a party that accesses and submits messages to CME Globex.
  • Self-Service Permissions Management: Manage Tag 50 IDs and iLink Session entitlements.
  1. To access the Request Center: 

From the CME Customer Center menu, select Request Center.

From the Request Center toolbar, select additional functions.

For instructions refer to the referenced menu selection:

Example: Requests requiring review and approval
- Clearing firm administrators review and approve Globex Firm ID requests.
- To undo an accidental deletion, contact EASE.

  • Preferences: Manage entitlements to view and manage Clearing Firms, Front End Systems, Tag 50 IDs and iLink Session.

Note: By selecting the help () icon, available from the Request Center toolbar, users can view an instructional webhelp.

User Administration - To assign and manage user entitlements, refer to the User Administration instructions and Request Center entitlements configuration options.


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