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BrokerTec Requests

Request Center - BrokerTec Requests is a self-service function used to create and manage entity information for CME Globex - BrokerTec entities.

There is self-service setup required prior to using these Request Center functions. Self service setup may include:

  • Setting up a CME Group Login
  • Signing the CME Customer Center Customer Self-Service Agreement
  • Requesting additional application access (e.g. BrokerTec Global Front End)
  • Testing and Configuring Application Programming Interfaces

For details, refer to the New BrokerTec customer onboarding to CME Globex - Operational Readiness Guide, For questions please contact Global Account Management.

  1. To access BrokerTec Requests: 

From the CME Customer Center - Administration menu, select Request Center.

The default start page is My Requests, which is used to view submitted and in-progress requests and select to view details or approve / reject requests.

From the Request Center toolbar, select BrokerTec Requests function you want to use.

Watch a short video that describes and illustrates the process to view and create Globex Firm IDs (GFID)/ Globex User Signatures (GUS).

BrokerTec Requests Functions:

  • Globex Firms: Create and manage CME Globex Firm ID that identifies market participants and is used to segregate customer or business unit activity.
  • Globex User Signature: Create and manage Globex User Signatures (GUS) that identifies persons or algo operators authorized to manage GFIDs and submit trades for the GFID and entity.
  • Algorithmic Trading: Identify algorithmic trading systems used by the GFID and GUS and submit an Algorithmic Trading Annual Certification Form.
  • Drop Copy Groups: Create and manage sessions that can receive trading activity communications via the iLink order entry gateway.
  • Order Entry Sessions: Create and manage Order Entry sessions that are used to send and receive orders and confirmation messages between the client and host.
  • Market Data Session: Create and manage sessions that can access TCP market data via an API connection.


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