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Creating ClearPort Account

The following instructions illustrate the process to create a clearing account, entitled for CME ClearPort.

  • To Enter Account Settings and Services
  1. From Account Management Service, perform an account search.

If the account doesn't exist, select Create New Account.

  1. On the page that appears, enter Clearing Account Settings.

Available options and required details are dependent on selected clearing firm and options.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk (*).

Example: ICC (CME Globex) and Spot FX enabled accounts do not require Market / Product / Broker permissions.

Clearing Account Settings

  • Clearing member*: Clearing members assume financial and performance responsibility for all transactions executed through them and cleared by CME Clearing whether it is for the account of a customer, member, or their own account.
  • Account Number*: The alphanumeric identifier for ClearPort or Globex accounts.
    ClearPort: Up to 14 characters.
    Globex: Up to 12 characters.
    Do not use special characters (%, &, $, #, !, +, *) in the first, or second position.
  • Description*: User specified identification details.
  • Owner Firm*: The Trading firm owner of this account. Available if the clearing account is designated as Delegated Intermediary (DI); specify by the clearing member firm. Additional details are inherited from Trading Account Owner.
    DI (parent) accounts cannot be updated via Bulk upload.
  • Asset Manager (Controller) Firm: Enter the name in the field; available choices appear based on the partially entered name.
    For DI and sub-accounts: If an asset manager firm is assigned to the clearing account, trading sub-accounts cannot be created and the DI selection will not be available.
  • Owner's Primary Business Activity* : Required, when shown.
  • Country of Origin*: Required, when shown. Appears when a dynamic (not registered) owner firm is specified.
  • House / Customer Indicator*: Indicates whether the account represents customer segregated funds or house funds.
  • CTI Code*: CTI1 - An individual member trading for her or her own account, CTI2 - A member firm trading for its proprietary account, CTI3 - A member firm trading for another member, CTI4 - All others individuals.
  • Portfolio Margin Futures: Enables the account for the CME Portfolio Margining program for futures.
  • Delegated Intermediary (DI): Specified by the clearing member firm administrator.
  • Margin Account
  • Enables multiple customer accounts to aggregate trades to calculate OTC trade cross-account margin offsets.
  • Associate accounts with clearing member and beneficial owner.
  • Designate the master / margin account for CME ClearPort enabled accounts.

To assign accounts to a master / margin account:

  • Accounts must be associated with the same Clearing Member Firm, beneficial owner.
  • CME ClearPort service must be enabled for the accounts.

For non-CME ClearPort accounts, the margin account is Self, which assigns the same account number as the owner.

  1. From the Services pane (also known as Platform), select the ClearPort Clearing tab.
  1. On the Services pane, specify CPC Account Attributes
  • Account Type
  • None
  • Holding: If selected, the account cannot be a Delegated Intermediary (DI).
  • Client Risk Master: Enables brokers to submit customer Block or EFRP trades into a single account for post-trade allocation. These accounts are only permitted for brokers registered under an Exchange Clearing Member Firm; cannot be used by non-clearing firm brokers (see: Client Risk Master).
  • Short Code: Enables brokers to submit customer Block or EFRP trades for a single end-client trading firm. The identity of the client must be referenced in the Account Description but the firm will not need to register themselves. These accounts may be used by any broker registered for ClearPort / CME Direct and permitted to submit trades on behalf of the account (see: Short Code Accounts).

  1. To continue, select 2. Market Type Permissions.

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