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Creating Accounts via Upload

In addition to creating individual accounts, authorized users can upload a file to create multiple CME Direct and / or ClearPort accounts based on an existing account.

  • To create accounts via file upload:
  1. From the Account page, perform a clearing account search.
  1. On the Account(s) List search results page, select Download ().

A list of accounts is downloaded to the default download directory. The MS Excel file (Accounts.xlsx) includes Clearing Account Settings, Services, and Account Details (e.g. Broker, Market Type, Products).

To update credit controls for one or more execution firms, select an ICC (CME Globex) account and execution firm.
For details, refer to Uploading ICC Limits / Credit Controls.

  1. For the rows you intend to update, enter X in the ACTION column, then enter account details (new / existing).

For detailed data descriptions, view the Account Settings.

  1. Save the spreadsheet updates, then select Upload ().

  1. From the drop down menu, select ICC_Account, Choose a File, then select Upload & Verify.


Note: Uploads are limited to 20,000 records / rows per upload.

The uploaded file is evaluated and validation dialog appears:

  • Success: A confirmation message lists submitted updates, fields and values for each spreadsheet row.

  • Failure: An error message appears, with recommended resolution.

When uploading after an error, select New then choose the updated spreadsheet.

  1. After receiving a successful validation message, select Submit.

Upon completion of the upload, select OK, then close the Upload dialog.

Max Usage Download

From the Accounts page, Select Max Usage to download a list of ICC accounts, for a given Execution firm, and the maximum credit usage within a specified date range.

  • To view maximum usage:
  1. Select the Account menu to go to the Account List page.
  2. Select the Max Usage Download link.

  1. On the window that appears, specify the Execution Firm and the Date range, then select Download.

The downloaded MS Excel compatible spreadsheet will display a list of ICC accounts for the execution firm and the maximum credit usage within the date range.


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