SFTP File Transfer

The SFTP File Transfer is a feature that allows you to receive CME Group historic files using a secure file transfer protocol.


Choose whichever method you prefer to download files. This document will show examples using the free FTP application FileZilla. The below table outlines all the information you may need to input to begin file transfers.


Name Value
Host name sftp.datamine.cmegroup.com
Port 2222 (this may be subject to change)
Protocol SFTP
Logon Type Normal
Username API key from CME
Password API password from CME

Input information

Make sure to set your Logon Type to Normal so that you may enter your API key and password.

Transferring Files

After configuring the connection, you may navigate the folder structure to find the files you wish to transfer.

The folder structure is arranged like so:

An example of a directory path can be:

You have the option to navigate to the exact file to download it or to download a batch of files from a given directory. Note: you can only view and transfer historic data you have already purchased based on the entitlements associated with your API key.

Transferring one file*

*The right-hand side of the screen shows historic data that you have access to. The left-hand side of the screen shows the local directory you wish to transfer files to.

Transferring all files from a certain directory (2006/07/24)**

**The bottom section of the screen shows the status of active and queued transfers.