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Algorithmic Trading

Use the Algorithmic Trading function to view trading systems associated with a Globex Firm ID (GFID) . Authorized users can also assign Algo systems to an Owner and submit an Algorithmic Trading Annual Certification Form.

Prior to registering Algorithmic Trading systems, ensure the GFID and GUS is created.

To enable access to Request Center - Algorithmic Trading functions, authorized Front Office Admin Managers must use the User Administration function to authorize users to view and/or manage this function via the user role: Request Center - ALGO Read-Only / Full.

From BrokerTec Requests - Algorithmic Trading the following functions are available:

  • Assign Algo to Owner: Associate an Algorithmic trading system with a GFID and GUS.
  • Algo Actions: Attach certification documents, edit algo details.
  • To access Algorithmic Trading:
  1. From the CME Customer Center Menu, select Administration > Request Center.

  1. From the Request Center menu, select BrokerTec Requests > Algorithmic Trading.

For the Administrative Group you are authorized to view, a list of associated Algorithmic Trading systems appears.

Available information includes the associated GFID, GUS, Algo Owner, Legal Entity and Market and certification document ()Closed.

Expand the Algorithm Name to view additional details:

  • Algorithm Name: Up to six alphanumeric characters.
  • Short Code: The short code is required to trade products and is associated with the GUS.
  • Certification Date

Assigning Algorithmic Trading Systems to Globex Firm ID

Use the Assign Algo to Owner function to and associate algorithmic trading systems with a GFID/GUS (Owner) and submit an Algorithmic Trading Annual Certification Form, which certifies conformance to CME Group requirements.

  • To Assign Algos to Owner: 
  1. From the list of associated Algorithmic Trading systems, select Assign Algo(s) to Owner, enter AlgoInformation, then select Next.

Algo Owner

  • Associated Globex Firm ID
  • Globex User Signature: Available selections are based on user entitlements and the associated GFID.

Algo Information

  • Algorithm Name
  • Short Code: Use the same shortcode associated with the selected GUS. The shortcode must be unique at the GFID.
  • Certification Date: The certification date defaults to today's date as represented in US Central Time, adjust for your own time zone.

  1. Attach (browse) the Algo Certification documents or drag and drop the file.

A blank certification form is available to complete and attach certification details.

  1. Review Algo Information and certification details, then select Confirm and Submit.


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