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Globex Firm ID

Using the BrokerTec Requests - Globex Firm ID self-service function, authorized users can create and manage Globex Firm IDs (GFID), which identifies market participants and is used to segregate customer or business unit activity. A GFID is the Globex equivalent of the legacy BrokerTec firm signature.

  • In addition to the GFID, Globex User Signature (GUS) setup is required. A GUS identifies a person authorized to manage the GFID and submit orders.
  • An entity can have more than one GFID for each venue / market.
  • A GFID and associated GUS can only be assigned to one company

The following instructions describe the process how to set up a Globex Firm ID (GFID). This identifier is used to segregate customer or business unit activity.

A GFID is the Globex equivalent of the legacy BrokerTec firm signature.

To create a GFID, select BrokerTec Requests from the Request Center menu, and select Globex Firm IDs.

Watch a short video that describes and illustrates the process to view and create Globex Firm IDs (GFID).

  • To create a Globex Firm ID:
  1. From the Request Center menu, select BrokerTec Requests >Globex Firm IDs.

The Globex Firm IDs page opens in a new tab.

  1. On Globex Firm ID page, select Create Globex Firm ID.

  1. Enter GFID information in four steps: 1. GFID Information, 2. Order Entry, 3. Market Data, 4. Confirm / Submit.
  • Effective Date: Defaults to today.

The time is represented in US Central Time. As applicable, adjust for your own time zone.

  • Market: BrokerTec US or BrokerTec EU

BrokerTec EU has additional fields and setup requirements.

  • Administrative Group (AG): A logical grouping of GFIDs, which is used for administrative and service management for the legal entity. A designated individual is assigned entitlements to group GFIDs and manage their details.
  • Step 2: Order Entry ProductsClosed
  • Order Entry Access Groups: Select product(s) that can be traded or none; to continue creating a GFID without trading privileges.

REPO product requests require CME Group review and approval prior to completion.

  • Step 3: Market DataClosed
  • Market Data Access Groups: Includes order entry products.
  • Volume Weighted Average Price: This option may incur extra fees for the selected market data product(s). For additional details, refer to Market Data service license types and costs on the BrokerTec Portal.
  • Additional Market Data Product Groups: Select additional products to view market data; these may be products not selected in the order entry screen.

Review entered information. As necessary, Edit GFID details.

  1. To finalize, select Confirm and Submit.

Successful submission is indicated by a confirmation banner and the new GFID appears on My Requests and the GFID page.

An email confirmation is also sent to the entity administrator and requestor.

Additional Options

  • Sort / Filter

  • View Details: On the main Globex Firm ID page, expand a listed GFID to view additional details; Order Entry and Market Data Product Groups.

  •  Delete (): Select delete and the confirmation dialog. The request will appear on My Requests, after it is processed the Status is updated.
  • Edit (): Select, then update GFID fields as necessary.
  • Field Validation: Fields are validated before advancing to the next screen.

Recommended updates are indicated by an information message.


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