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Globex User Signature

Using the Request Center - Globex User Signature self-service function, authorized users can create and manage Globex User Signatures (GUS), which identifies the person or algo operator authorized to submit orders under a specific GFID for the entity. A GUS is the Globex equivalent of the legacy BrokerTec user signature and is associated with just one GFID. An individual person can be assigned the responsibility for the GUS; to manage multiple GFIDs.

Watch a short video that describes and illustrates the process to view and create Globex User Signatures (GUS).

  • To create a Globex User Signature (GUS):
  1. From the Request Center - BrokerTec Requests menu, select Globex User Signature.

  1. On Globex User Signature page, select Create Globex User Signature.

  1. Enter GUS information (Step 1):

  • Associated Globex Firm ID: Select the Associated Globex Firm ID that this Globex User Signature will manage. This GFID must be created prior to creating / assigning a GUS.

Select the Globex Firm ID (GFID) to which this Globex User Signature (GUS) will be entitled.

  • Globex User Signature: Specify a unique name for the GUS, unique at the firm and up to five characters.
  • Short Code: Available for BrokerTec EU GFIDs only. The algo Short Code must be unique within the GFID.
  • Algo Owner: The name of the individual that is responsible for the algorithm.
  • Effective Date: Defaults to today's date. The effective date defaults to today's date as represented in US Central Time; adjust for your own time zone.
  1. Global Front End (GFE) Details (Yes): Select to enable Global Front End application access (Yes / No) and additional options:

- Role: Read Only TraderClosedcan access GFE and view orders, TraderClosedCan create and submit trades and cancel their own orders, Privileged TraderClosedCan create and submit trades and cancel trades for the entire firm. This user also receives FirmSoft access, which allows the user to view and cancel orders for the firm.

- View Orders across GFID: If the user is assigned to manage multiple GFIDs, selecting this option enables the user to view all orders (in GFE) for multiple GFIDs.

- Move Bids and Offers: Assign entitlement for bulk order management in the GFE - Bulk Order Management (BOM) function, which enable users to select orders to modify bid and offer prices then adjust the prices up or down.

- Genium ID: Specify the legacy Genium ID (if applicable) for Traders and Privileged Traders that will be assigned GFE access.

- Self Match Prevention ID: Specify the default self-match prevention ID to add to orders submitted by the GFID.

- SMP instructions: (1) Keep the first order and cancel the second order or (2) Cancel the first order and keep the second order.

  • CME Group Login: (1) Select an existing CME Group Login associated with the firm or (2) specify a new CME Group Login and token, which the user previously obtained and provided to you.

Confirm CME Group Login entries against existing valid IDs.

To assist verification of the CME Group Login ID, the associated name and email address appears below.

Note: The Email address associated with the CME Group Login must match the firm's domain or its related affiliates.

  1. Global Front End Access (No):  Select if Global Front End application access is not required.

Also specify user contact info: CME Group Login ID (see above instructions), Email address or User Contact info.

- Email AddressClosedLookup email addresses associated with other CME Group applications and copy the information to contact fields.

- Enter contact manuallyClosed

  1. Specify Order Entry Products (Step 2) that will be available to the GFID for trading and the Short Code, then select Next.

  • REPO products require CME Group review before the GUS is activated.
  • To request off the run access, you must contact ICAP securities at the phone number / email on the page.
  1. Specify Market Data Products (Step 3).

For Order Entry Products selection(s), Market Data products are automatically selected.

  1. Review and/or Edit GUS details, as required.

To finalize, select Confirm and Submit.

Successful submission is indicated by a confirmation banner and the GUS appears on My Requests.

An email confirmation is also sent to the administrator(s).

Additional Options

  • Sort / Filter

  • View Details: On the main Globex User Signature page, expand a listed GUS to view additional details; Order Entry Product Groups.

  • Delete (): Select delete and the confirmation dialog. The request will appear on My Requests, after it is processed the Status is updated.
  • Edit (): Select, then update GUS fields as necessary.
  • Field Validation: Fields are validated before advancing to the next screen. Recommended updates are indicated by an information message.


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