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The EBS Risk Management (EBS RM) application allows Credit Risk Administrators the ability to manage credit relationships, configure credit limits and monitor Credit Group utilization.

This guide describes the features and functions that allow EBS Credit Administrators to navigate EBS Risk Management and perform functions necessary for credit risk management.



View a video overview of EBS Risk Management application functions.

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The EBS Risk Management application is accessible from the CME Customer Center menu after logging in with an authorized CME Group Login ID and password.

  1. To access EBS Risk Management:
  2. Navigate to the CME Group Login page.
  3. If you are not logged in, enter login credentials and select Log In.

  1. Authenticate your ID:

Via Duo.


Enter the code that was sent to your mobile device or voice code from an automated call to your primary phone number (US only).

  1. From the CME Customer Center menu, select Portfolio & Risk > EBS Risk Management.


Note: For login issues, refer to the CME Group Login page or contact Enterprise Access and System Entitlements (EASE).
Create a new CME Group Login ID, select Register by selecting the New Users pane.


Users will be assigned permission for roles that are suitable for their business function.

The following roles are available:

  • EBS Bilateral Risk Admin: Users have full view and modification capabilities to set and view bilateral credit limits on their bilateral (spot) firms.
  • EBS Bilateral Risk Viewer: Users have full view access to view information for their permissioned firms.
  • EBS Prime Risk Admin: Users have full view and modification capabilities to set and view prime credit limits on firms that are their credit children (e.g. Prime Customer firms).
  • EBS Prime Risk Viewer: A Prime Broker Trading Floor Viewer; users have full view access to their permissioned firms.


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