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Setting Limits and Assigning Firms in Grantee Groups

Bilateral Risk and Prime Risk Admin may go to the Groups screen to view or manage Grantee Groups. Admin users will have the ability to create new Grantee Groups, manage firms, set limits and email alerts.

Users must select a Grantor Group when navigating to the Groups screen from a list of all permissioned Grantor Groups.

After selecting a Grantor Group, all associated Grantee Groups appear.

To view and manage limits, firms and email alerts, select a Grantee Group.

Note: Alternatively, selecting a Grantee Group from the Dashboard will open the Groups screen to the selected Grantee Group profile.

On the Group screen several features may be used to manage Grantee Groups, firms and their limits.

Details of each feature are discussed below.

Scaling Factors

Scaling factors apply only to Bilateral credit relationships and are viewable only by bilateral risk admins who can view and set scaling factors.

To access Scaling Factors, select the Scaling Factors tab.

Spot Scaling Factors

  • To open the selection of Currency Pairs and Firms for which a scaling factor value may be set:
  1. Select the Add button next to the Spot Scaling Factors.

  1. Select Currency Pairs, Firms and set a Scaling Factor Value.

  1. To save the selections and scaling factor value, select Save Changes.

When trading a selected spot currency pair with a selected counterparty firm, gross utilization amount of the trade will be multiplied by the scaling factor % value reducing the utilization for any value less than 100%. Spot scaling factors may be set in one percent increments from 0 to 100 percent.

The CNOP flag indicates whether or not to contribute the full credit utilization value of a trade towards NOP utilization when trading a selected currency pair with a selected firm. The CNOP flag is selected by default. If CNOP is unselected, trades in the selected currency pairs with the selected firms will not contribute to NOP utilization.

NDF Scaling Factors

  • To add an NDF scaling factor group:
  1. Select the Add button next to NDF Scaling Factors.

  1. Select the Currency Pair(s) that should be attributed the scaling factor, then set a Scaling Factor value.

The NDF scaling factors will apply to all bilateral counterparties and are used to determine gross credit utilization.

  • Multiple Scaling Factor groups can be set for NDF instruments.
  • Each NDF instrument can only be in one scaling factor group and each scaling factor group must have a unique scaling factor value.
  • NDF scaling factor values may be set from 0 to 200 percent in one percent increments.

Liquidation Mode

Liquidation mode can be applied to Prime Grantee Groups only. Firms within the Prime Grantee Groups in Liquidation mode can only submit orders that maintain or reduce their net exposure. All other orders will be rejected.

In liquidation mode, once exposure is reduced, it cannot be increased.

  • To activate Liquidation mode:
  1. Select the pencil icon.

  1. Select the Liquidation Only checkbox, then select the checkmark to submit (or cancel ) the update.

  1. Confirm the warning dialog and the Liquidation mode will become active.

On the Dashboard any Grantee Group that is in Liquidation mode will be indicated with an asterisk.

Setting Up Email Alerts

Users can set up email alerts to be informed of any Warning% or rejects for their firm. Alerts may be set up by Bilateral or Prime depending on the Grantor Group permissions.

A button to Set Alerts will be available on the Bilateral or Prime Grantee Group tabs.

Users can set up to 20 email recipients to receive Warning%, Critical and Reject alerts for all the Bilateral and/or Prime Grantee Groups for the selected Grantor Group.


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