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Firm Kill

Bilateral Risk and Prime Risk Admins can use the Firm Kill function to prevent firms, for which they are direct parent, from trading.

Example: Prime Customers, Prime-of-Prime Brokers and Prime-of-Prime Customers

  • To prevent a firm from trading:
  1. Select the Firm Kill menu.
  2. From the list of firms, select the Kill button ().

A confirmation message appears.

  1. Select OK to confirm.

The firm's trading will be suspended and the firm name will appear in red.

  • Killing a Prime Customer (PC) or Prime of Prime Customer cancels their resting orders and prevents new order entry.
  • Killing a Prime of Prime Broker (PoPB) cancels all of the POPB’s Prime of Prime Clients (PoPC) resting orders and prevents new order entry.


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