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Manage Duo Two-Factor Authentication

For users who will use entitled applications and services, the Duo Mobile app and your mobile device make Two-Factor Authentication easy. Therefore, install this on your device; then you may modify your CME Group Login profile to identify the device and how you wish to authenticate.

See additional information on Duo Security.

When you login to, you may choose from two types of authentication:

  • Send a passcode to the mobile phone, which you must enter at login.
  • Push Duo authentication to the mobile phone that you simply accept.
  1. To Install Duo on Your Smart Device:
  1. Select the App Store from the mobile device.

  2. Search for Duo Mobile and install:

  3. Select Allow for the prompt "Duo Mobile" Would Like to Send You Notifications.

  1. To Access Duo Settings:

First ensure that you have installed Duo Mobile on your mobile device; then follow the steps below.

  1. From a supported browser, access
  2. Enter the User ID and password, then select LOG IN.
  3. Select the User icon; selectMy Profile.

  1. Select the MANAGE DUO SETTINGS:


  1. To Setup DUO Settings (First Time):
  2. Select Start Setup.
  3. Select Mobile phone and select Continue.
  4. Select the Country and enter the Mobile Phone Number; select the check box to confirm the phone number and select Continue.

  1. If you attempt to use a phone number that is already in use, do not follow the remainder of these instructions; instead contact your Administrator so that they manually add the phone number for DUO.


  2. Select the type of phone and select Continue:
  3. Select I have Duo Mobile installed.
  4. Open Duo Mobile on your mobile device and use the + icon to scan the barcode. System displays the green checkmark to indicate success. Select Continue:

  5. The enrollment is successful; select Dismiss.

  1. Select your authentication method and select Save.
  2. Select Submit.

Note:Your enrollment is not complete until you select Submit at the bottom of the My Profile page, which confirms that all changes made to the profile are saved. If your profile is successfully updated, a green banner appears at the top of the page. Required fields without data or data that does not meet validation are indicated with red text indicating the required information or error.


  1. To Modify Duo Settings:
  2. Select the User icon; select My Profile.
  3. Select the MANAGE DUO SETTINGS:

  1. Select the authentication method and authenticate as needed:

    Note: Duo authentication offers an option to remember a computer / browser.
    During the login process, select Remember me for 90 days to skip Duo multi-factor authentication for 90 days.
    Remembering Duo settings requires browser cookies to be enabled.

  1. Select the DUO setting you wish to change:

  • Change authentication method when logging in:
  • Ask me to choose an Authentication Method
  • Automatically send this device a Duo Push
  • Change the Device Name: follow prompt to change the name.
  • Reactivate: follow prompt to re-read with a barcode image.


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