Viewing and Managing Tag 50 IDs

Tag 50 IDs are used to identify CME Globex Operator IDs [individuals, traders, terminal / algorithm operators - Automated Trading System (ATS) teams] authorized to send and receive order messages.

Registration of Tag 50 IDs is required for individual members, employees of a member, employees or contractors of a clearing or corporate member and any other party receiving preferential fees in accordance with programs offered by CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX.

Regardless of whether a party is eligible for preferential fees, CME Group reserves the right to require the registration of any market participant.

Tag 50 IDs must be unique at the Clearing Member (Registered Entity) Firm level. Clearing member firms have the responsibility to ensure Tag 50 IDs are registered and correct information maintained in the Exchange Fee System (EFS).

Tag 50 Self-Service Access

The Request Center includes self-service capability for authorized Clearing Member and Trading firm users to search and view registered firms, including CME Globex Operator IDs (Tag 50 IDs).

Clearing Member firm administrators can Register new Tag 50 IDs, for individuals and ATS teams. Before accessing Tag 50 self-service functions, ensure the following is completed:

  1. Self-Service Agreement: Clearing / Trading firms must have an active Self-Service agreement on file with CME Group.
  1. User Administration: CME authorized Entity Officers / Admin Managers have administrative responsibility for their registered entities and related firms and must register firm and user access.

Prior to viewing Tag 50 data and authorizing firm access, Admin Managers must authorize themselves with View and Permissions entitlements. In addition to the Entity Officer, CME Group recommends registering additional individuals for Request Center - Tag 50 administration functions.

Execution / Trading firm users that want to view tag 50 details must work with their registered entity Admin Manager to request this entitlement; if not already authorized.

  1. Trading Firm Access: An Admin Manager, or another authorized user can authorize Trading Firms to view their Tag 50 data.

Viewing Tag 50 Details

  • To view Tag 50 details:
  1. From CME Customer Center select the Request Center menu, then select Tag 50.
  2. If you have access to more than one entity, select one or more Registered Entities. Matching firm IDs filter as you type.

Upon selecting the entity, the list refreshes to show IDs registered to the selected entity.

The CME Globex Terminal Operator ID (Tag 50) list includes the following:

  1. Registered Entity: Firm, Request Center identifier and name. Sort or filter to view or export results by entity.
  2. Results / Rows per page: Number of available IDs / row and pagination options.
  1. Sort - To sort by ascending or descending order, select column headings.

Using the Request Center - Tag 50 function, authorized users can view details for Active Tag 50 IDs: 

  • Name
  • Clearing firm
  • Associated entity
  • Registration type: ATS team, registered exchange(s)
  • ATS team name
  • Effective periods
  1. Register new Tag 50 ID: Available to clearing firm administrators only.
  2. Export: Default results include active IDs only. To view expired IDs, select Export and a filter options:

  • Type: Excel / CSV
  • Expired: View expired IDs (only) in a CSV or MS Excel file.
  • Active / Expired: View active and expired IDs in a single exported CSV or MS Excel file.
  1. Refine By: Filter by selected criteria, including primary results.

Select the criteria, then Submit.

  1. Select Tag 50: To view additional individual or ATS team details, select the blue hyperlinked Tag 50 ID. Details appear from a pop-out pane. Available details include membership registration type, trader type, exchanges and expired registrations.


ATS Team

Related Functions

Additional Tag 50 registration and management functions are available from the CME Exchange Fee System - Globex Registration:

Contact Information

  • To inquire about Tag 50 access or details, contact your clearing firm / registered entity.
  • For questions about Request Center access or entitlements, contact Global Account Management (GAM).


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