Globex Registration

The CME Globex® Registration functionality allows Users to register Globex Operator IDs (also known as Trader IDs or “Tag 50” IDs), as well as search, edit and view details for previously registered IDs.

The Individuals and ATS Teams screens allow Users to store information for electronic traders in lists that are unique to the User’s Guaranteeing Firm.

NOTE: All market Users should be aware that CME Group Rule 576 (“Identification of Globex Terminal Operators”) requires that terminal operators be identified to the Exchange in the manner prescribed by the Exchange. CME Group Clearing Member Firms/Entities are reminded that the rule also makes it “the duty of the clearing member to ensure that registration is current and accurate at all times.”

: For an overview of Globex Registration functions, view this video tutorial.

Accessing Globex Registration

To access Globex Registration select the option from the navigation menu.

Globex Registration has three sub-menu options:

  • Search - Select this option to view Operator IDs that are already registered. This option enables the User to work in Basic or Advanced Search. After completing a search, edit or copy functions can be completed, or search results can be extracted.
  • Individuals -Select this option to manage individuals guaranteed by a firm as well as to create, edit or view Operator IDs for individuals.
  • ATS Teams – Select this option to manage ATS Teams guaranteed by a firm as well as to create, edit or view Operator IDs for ATS Teams.


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