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Getting Started

The AutoCert+ tool is an automated testing tool for validating application functionality. It provides an easy-to-use web interface for walking through CME Group certification scenarios.

To facilitate the process of connecting a customer application, CME Group provides a dedicated certification environment to allow customers to test their systems before they complete certification.

This Help system accompanies the AutoCert+ BrokerTec US Treasury Data on MDP test suite.

Running and Navigating AutoCert+


  1. To run and navigate AutoCert+:
  2. Log into the automated certification tool.
  3. Navigate to the AutoCert+ BrokerTec US Treasury Data on MDP test suite.

  1. Select a Company Name.
  2. From the Purpose drop-down, select "BrokerTec US Treasury Data."
  3. Select an Application System.

Note: If there are no application systems listed in the drop-down, contact your Global Account Manager (GAM) representative to create one.

  1. From the Test Suite drop-down, select "BrokerTec US Treasury Data on MDP."
  1. Review general AutoCert+ test suite navigation and general interview information.
  2. Complete the Interview for this test suite.
  3. Complete the applicable test cases.
  4. Complete the certification process from the Post Certification tab.


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