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Navigating the Certification Tool

The AutoCert+ tool provides an easy-to-use web interface for navigating through CME Group certification scenarios.

The main AutoCert+ window includes the following tabs:

  • Interview - The Interview tab provides a pre-certification test in which the responses provided help define the test and test's success

Note: Completion of the Interview is mandatory for all AutoCert+ test suites.

  • Test Suite - The Test Suite tab illustrates all of the available test cases with the suite, and provides links to each of those cases.
  • Test Case - The Test Case tab list the steps for certification test selected from the Test Suite tab, and includes a Status field that indicates whether our not a case was completed.
  • Post Certification - The Post Certification tab provides a post-certification interview in which users provide feedback related to the AutoCert+ test.



  1. To navigate the certification tool:
  2. Log into the automated certification tool.
  3. From the main certification window, In the Company Name field, enter the name of the company performing the certification.
  4. In the System Profile field, select the system being certified.

Note:The list of System Profile options is created and maintained by your Global Account Manager (GAM).

  1. In the Tester field, eneter the name of the user performing the certification.
  2. In the Test Suite field, select the applicable AutoCert + test suite application.
  3. In the Sender Comp field, select the appropriate SendComp from the list.

Each company is assigned a pool of session IDs. Only one ID can be used at a time for certification testing, as the AutoCert+ tool uses session IDs to identify messages being sent and received by the tester.

Note: Users can unassign and re-assign a SenderCompID by clicking the button that accompanies the SenderCompID.

  1. The Test Suite Status section illustrates the Interview and Test Suite status, and provides access to the test's Help system.


Field Descriptions

Field/Name Description

Active Instruments

Allows users to view information about instruments that are actively used by the clients. Clients must view this page before sending any new orders to make sure that the instrument that they are using is available. If client try to use one of the locked instruments, AutoCert+ will reject the incoming message.

The AutoCert+ tool will lock the instruments only when clients are certifying their front-end systems. AutoCert+ will not lock the instruments while clients are doing testing/development.

Certification Tests

List of certification tests for a particular test suite.


Shows the session details.

  • SenderCompID
  • Session ID
  • FirmID
  • Hostname
  • Port


A gray, green, yellow, or red indicator designating the status of a particular test.

Describes each test status indicator:

  • Gray indicates not tested
  • Green indicates a completed test
  • Yellow indicates a test in progress
  • Red indicates a failed test


The pre-certification interview tab displays upon entering the test suite.

Online Help

Click the link to access the online help.

Post Certification

Tab that displays the post certification interview providing feedback on the certification test.


Shows the customer’s profile information.


Allows you to refresh the screen.


Appears in each row of a certification test after it has been attempted. Allows you to retest a particular certification test. Choosing this option overwrites the current test results.

Select a Test Suite

Drop-down menu of test suites available.


Assigned value used to identify firm sending message.

Note: When a session is unassigned, the user selects a SenderCompID from a drop-down list.

Users can unassign and re-assign a SenderCompID by clicking the button that accompanies the SenderCompID.


Status includes: Completed, Not Tested, Pending, and Failed.

Start Test

Press to Start or Retest. Do not press this button if a test is running.

Test Case

Tab that displays the test's steps, purpose, description, and status.

Test Suite

Tab that displays the test cases that make up the test. Shows the customer’s current testing configuration page.

Test Suite Status

Displays the status for the pre and post-certification interview and the test suite.

Your System Profile

Created and maintained by your Global Account Manager. A drop-down menu identifying the system(s) being certified (name, version and type).