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Filling Out an Interview

Use the interview procedure to define your application’s capabilities. The interview determines the test scripts that you will be prompted to run against a particular interface.

  1. To fill out an interview:
  2. On the AutoCert+ Interface screen, select the appropriate Test Suite from the drop-down menu.

AutoCert+ recognizes incomplete interviews immediately following the selection of the test suite. You cannot access test suites and test cases until the completion of the interview.

Note: The Test Suite Status Box contains the current status of the pre-certification interview and test suite.

The appropriate interview screen appears for the selected Test Suite.

  1. Select the answers that best describe your system's functionality.

Note: All questions must be answered for the test suite and test cases to be available.

  1. Click Complete at the bottom of the Interview screen.

The test suite status changes to Complete, activating the Test Suite and Test Case tabs.

  1. Click the appropriate certification test link to begin testing.