Getting Started

The AutoCert+ tool is an automated testing tool for validating application functionality. It provides an easy-to-use web interface for walking through CME Group certification scenarios.

To facilitate the process of connecting a customer application to CME Globex, CME Group provides a dedicated certification environment to allow customers to test their systems before they complete certification.

The following apply to each AutoCert+ BrokerTec Order Entry test case:

  • The book is clear at the beginning of each test.
  • After the instrument is selected, the instrument is locked until the test is completed.
  • If you submit an incorrect response to any question in a test case, you must repeat the test case from the beginning.
  • For partial or complete fills, assume CME Group creates the appropriate orders in the book.

Note: If a test is not proceeding to the next step, selecting the Refresh button ( ) below the test steps may resolve the issue.


  1. To run and navigate AutoCert+:
  2. Log into the automated certification tool.
  3. Review general AutoCert+ test suite navigation and general interview information.
  4. Complete the Interview for this test suite.
  5. Complete applicable test cases.
  6. Complete the certification process from the Post Certification tab.


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