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Managing ICC Credit Controls / Product Limits

Clearing Member, Execution firm, Clearing Firm Account administrators can use the Credit Controls function to manage ICC (CME Globex) / Spot FX product level credit controls and maximum long / short order submission limits.

Trader / Trader Risk Administrators / can use Credit Controls to search and view risk settings, which includes credit and maximum permissible long / short quantity limits.

Order handling:

  • Credit limit checks utilize top of day trading activity; starts flat each trading day.
  • Orders that are within limits are approved for execution.
  • Orders are rejected if they contain restricted products, requested quantities exceed limits, originate from unregistered accounts or for products with unset limits.
  • Options product limits are set independently of futures and are subject to overall credit limit.
  • Active Delegated Intermediary (parent) accounts cannot be updated via upload.

Based on ICC Policy settings and product limits, rejected orders may require an authorized clearing / execution firm administrator to modify product limits or ICC policy settings.

  • To manage ICC account credit controls:
  1. To set ICC product limits, search and select the account.

  1. Select the ICC (CME Globex) tab then select Edit.

  1. On the Credit Control pane that appears, select Edit, then select the Execution Firm to manage.

If individual product limits are set, results appear in the table below.

  1. To view and manage additional products, deselect Show products with individual limits only.
  1. For each product that will be authorized, specify the Max Qty Long / Max Qty Short.

For ICC (Globex ICC): Default Globex Admin Policy permits order submissions when product limits are Not Set. All accounts are limited to trading products within the overall firm Credit Limit; even when limits are not set.

  1. To finalize ICC Credit Control settings, select Save.

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