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Getting Started

Welcome to the Give-Up Payment System online help system. CME Group’s Give-Up Payment System (GPS) is a web-based application accessed via the CME Group portal that is used by clearing member firms’ back office staff for processing payments on a monthly basis. GPS provides clearing firms with the ability to track give-up agreements and payments.

GPS system allows the firms to set rates at the exchange, commodity and session level for give-up trades--those trades where one firm executes the trade and another clears it. The system will calculate pay/collect amounts and net everything at the end of the month for collection/payment.

GPS provides the following features:

  • Web-based and accessible via the CME Group portal -
  • Tiered Rates entry
  • Creation of daily and monthly ad hoc reports
  • Ability to search and view rates
  • Payment adjustment
  • Ability to delete and undelete trades

The Give-Up Payment System Home Page is important to view as CME Group will utilize this screen to communicate messages to the Users.  Information on this page is subject to change, but will display such items as Banking Schedule, Recent Enhancements, Contact Information, System Availability and Change Code Listing.

See the Client Systems Wiki page for CME Clearing Services contact information.

Log In to Give-Up Payment System

CME Account Manager uses CME Group Login to manage application authentication. CME Group Login is a self-managed, centralized user profile service that authenticates access to CME Group applications and services.

Prior to logging in to CME Account Manager, users should ensure the CME Group Login registration procedures are completed.


  • To log in to CME Group Connect:
  1. Using a web browser, navigate to the Give-Up Payment application by entering in the address bar.
  1. Enter your CME Group Login User ID and Password, then select Login.

If successful, the Home Page appears.

From the common navigation menu, users can select other select other CME Group Login integrated applications.

Contact Information for CME Applications

For questions regarding this and other CME applications, please refer to the Contact Information directory on CME Group's Client Systems Wiki .


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