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Access Manager

Using Access Manager, Clearing Firm Risk Managers can manage permissions for CME Globex accounts to submit orders for restricted products.

  • Clearing Firm Risk Managers are automatically assigned permissions to use Access Manager.
  • Access Manager does not keep a record of open orders or start of day positions.
  • Open positions and resting orders, entered before the restriction period, are valid until acted upon or contract expiration.
  • The restricted period, represented in calendar days, begins at midnight Central Time (CT) on the last trading day.
  • The trading day begins at 5 PM the previous calendar day.
  • For NYMEX WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil (CL / CLT / CLL / CLS), CME Group will use the table below to determine when the restricted period begins, based on last trading day of CL.

CL Expiration at 1:30 PM Central Time

CLT Expiration at 1:30 PM Central Time

Restriction: Starts at 5:00 PM Central Time for CL & CLT


Friday of the previous week

Wednesday of the previous week



Thursday of the previous week










  • Manage account-level (Individual / All Accounts) permissions to submit orders for restricted products during the predetermined restricted period before contract expiration.

Restricted Products

Restrictions apply to trading days preceding product expiration as indicated:

  • MAC Swap Futures (B1U, E1U, F1U, N1U, S1U, T1U): Restricted seven trading days prior to expiration.

See interest rate trading days / hours

See gold / silver trading days / hours

See crude oil trading days / hours

Note:For all CL products, Executing Firms are automatically defaulted to permit all accounts to trade during the restricted period.
To enforce the restricted period, use the revoke function.

Use the Access Manager to:

The below instructions illustrate the process to manage account permissions to trade restricted products, including:

Viewing Active Permissions

  • To view active permissions:
  1. From the Access Manager tab, select Grant / Revoke Permission.

The Access Manager - Grant / Revoke Permission page appears.

  1. Select Legal Clearing Entity and Execution Firm to manage.

Active permissions appear in a list.

Available functions:

  • Filters: Select appropriate criteria, and select Apply. Filtered rows are removed from list and a message displays indicating filters are applied.
  • Refresh: Cancel active filters.
  • SelectAll: Selects all permission assignments in the list.
  • ClearSelected:  Deselect selected checkboxes.
  • Revoke: Removes permission assignment and blocks the account from submitting buy / sell orders for the restricted product.

Note: Clearing Firm Risk Managers can view a summary report of all Firm / Account product permissions by accessing the Access Manager Report > Active Permissions by Legal Clearing Entity.
See Report - Active Permissions by Legal Clearing Entity.



Report - Active Permissions by Legal Clearing Entity

Clearing Firm Risk Managers can access a report that lists all active permissions for a given Legal Clearing Entity (LCE).

  • To access the active permissions report:
  1. From the Reports tab, select Access Manager > Active Permissions by Legal Clearing Entity.

  1. Select the Legal Clearing Entity from the drop down menu, then select Run Report ().

If you have access to one LCE, it is automatically selected.

A MS Excel compatible report (ActivePermissionsByLegalClearingEntity_date.xls) is downloaded to the default web browser directory.

Information included in the report details active permissions assigned to execution firms and accounts associated with the LCE.

  • Execution Firm ID
  • Account ID
  • Product Information
  • Product
  • Product Description
  • Derivative Type
  • Full Name of the user that assigned the permission for the account and execution firm
  • Date: Effective date the permissions was assigned


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