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User Help System

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CME Data Services Portal User Help System

CME Data Services Portal is an online tool for CME Group and Data Customers to manage their data licensing, reporting, and billing activities.

CME Data Services Portal tool allows customers to:

  • Request licensing of Real Time/Delayed /End of Day CME Group, CME Group Benchmark Administration and S&P and Dow Jones indices data.
  • Upgrade to a CME Group Information License Agreement (ILA). CME Group’s updated Agreement is tailor-made to your needs, with clear policies and responsibilities and updated Privacy provisions that complement regulatory changes.
  • Add new Services.
  • Add new Feed Suppliers.
  • Add/remove contacts.
  • Update billing address.
  • Add/update billing account.
  • Add/remove Affiliates and Service Facilitators.
  • Report as required under your Agreement.
  • View invoice details.


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