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FirmSoft is an order management tool that provides real-time access to information on working and filled CME Globex orders (per Firm). It also provides important risk mitigation functionality during system failures.

With FirmSoft, customers can view and cancel orders for CME Direct and iLink.

With appropriate permissions, users can view:

  • Order information (current day and up to past 5 days)
  • Fill and Aggregate Fill information (current day and up to past 7 days)
  • Cancelation history

With appropriate permissions, users can cancel:

  • An individual order
  • A group of orders
  • All working orders and mass quotes

To view an overview video and instructions to view and manage FirmSoft Users go to the following links:
- FirmSoft Overview
- FirmSoft Administration (how to add new FirmSoft Users)

Support for FirmSoft


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