Getting Started

CME Group Login is a self-managed, centralized user profile service for registering and authenticating access to CME Group applications, services, and premium digital content. The type of account you create using the following links/URLs determines your level of access:

  • For access to premium digital content and tools (i.e., Trading Simulator, MyPortfolio, Liquidity Tool) and to manage subscriptions.

    Create an account* / login to your account
    • Does not require security questions/answers or 2-factor authentication.
  • For access to premium digital content and tools, to manage subscriptions, to access entitled applications (i.e., CME Direct, FirmSoft) and self-service functionality in the CME Customer Center, to generate an application token, and to create and manage API IDs.

    Create an account / login to your account
    • Requires security questions/answers (minimum 2) and 2-factor authentication.

*After an account is created for access to premium digital content, customers have the option to upgrade access for entitled applications and self-service functionality in the CME Customer Center, to generate an application token, and to create and manage API IDs as needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique User ID
  • One CME Group Login ID is assigned per individual (unless instructed otherwise).
  • The ID belongs to the individual, even when changing clearing firms or employers. Customers can reassign their CME Group Login to a new company via their Profile page (or contact Enterprise Application & System Entitlements--EASE).
  • Retrieve forgotten user IDs and passwords online.
  • Online Profile Update: Once established, customers can update their information online, including User IDs and passwords.
  • CME Privacy Policy and Terms of Service: By registering and using a CME Group Login, you agree to the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms of Service, which is a legal agreement between you and CME Group.
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA): for added security access to applications and services. Customers can receive authentication via an automated phone call, SMS message or using the Duo Mobile app. The phone call and SMS messaging services require activation with EASE for numbers outside of the U.S.

Note: To view additional benefits, information and additional resources, refer to the single sign-on webpage.

Warning: Login information should never be shared with anyone. CME Group will never ask for your password, except when changing the password on the Profile page.


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