Certification Dedicated Instruments

The AutoCert+ Market Data Platform and iLink 2.x Order Entry processes use “Dummy Contracts” or “Certification Dedicated Instruments” during the certification process. When running a test case, you must select an instrument.

The instrument sets presented in the drop-down menu are based on the answers that you provided in the interview.

Once selected, these instruments are locked and cannot be used by other users.

These instruments are certification-dedicated contracts that are not present in production but have all characteristics of production instruments, with the exception of their security description and their symbol. Each set of instruments is associated with a Market Data Platform channel dedicated to certification. It is strongly recommended that you “listen” only to the channel of the instrument set that you selected. This allows, by isolating the market data messages from the rest of the environment, AutoCert+ to reproduce specific scenarios and validate that your system properly processes all events in these scenarios.

Note: After a specified period of time without activity in AutoCert+, the certification-dedicated instruments will be released. If you want to continue testing and certifying Market Data Platform or iLink 2.X on AutoCert+, you will have to go through the same process mentioned above and select a new set of instruments which may be different than the previously selected set.

Note that for the recovery tests, additional certification-dedicated instruments may be introduced by AutoCert+ on the channel to which you are listening.


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