Wheat Futures and Options

Global Wheat Trading Solutions in a Single Marketplace

Soft Red Winter. Hard Red Winter. Black Sea.

The addition of KCBT Hard Red Winter Wheat to the CME Group CBOT Wheat futures and options complex provides enhanced risk management and trading opportunities to market participants around the world. KCBT Wheat futures and options, CBOT Wheat futures and options, and CBOT Black Sea Wheat futures address the world's most critical wheat trading needs in one efficient marketplace. The availability of all three wheat futures products on CME Globex facilitates global access to these key wheat markets.

Moreover, market participants will be able to take advantage of implied functionality on CME Globex to trade the KCBT-CBOT Wheat futures spread. For years this spread has been used to capitalize on price differentials inherent in the two classes of wheat, due to differences in their protein content as well as supply and demand fundamentals. Implied functionality allows the KCBT-CBOT Wheat futures spread to be executed as a single trade, rather than by "legging" into the two individual contracts, further enhancing the opportunities these dynamic markets provide.


  • One marketplace for Soft Red Winter, Hard Red Winter, and Black Sea Region wheat
  • Availability of robust options markets on the world's two largest wheat futures contracts
  • Enhanced spreading opportunities
  • Cross margining and capital efficiencies by clearing through a single clearing house – CME Clearing
  • Worldwide access via the CME Globex electronic trading platform

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