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Certification Testing

The appropriate certification test links are available after completing the interview. The Status column indicates whether a test has not been performed (not tested), completed, pending, or failed.

See also: Troubleshooting Tips

  1. To run a certification test:
  2. Click a test link.

The test case appears, listing the purpose, description, and status of the test.

  1. Select a SendComp and click ASSIGN.

Note: If there are no SenderCompIDs listed, contact your Global Account Manager (GAM) to create a session for the environment in which you are testing.

Before the test is started, a different SenderCompID can be unassigned and re-assgined.

  1. Select Unassign.
  2. Select a new SenderCompID.
  3. Click Assign.
  1. Select a contract and click Select.

Note: Once selected, these instruments are locked and cannot be used by other users.

  1. The status column indicates whether a test has not been performed (not tested), complete, pending, or failed.

Note: You can now perform the test in your certification environment using the session ID you were provided.

  1. Click START TEST.

Note: DO NOT click START TEST once the test is in progress.

  1. Next to each step in the test case, you can click the flag to view the log information for that step.

The log information appears.

Note: If a test is not proceeding to the next step, clicking the Refresh button () below the test steps may resolve the issue.

After a certification test has been attempted, you can retest it by clicking the Retest button. Choosing this option overwrites the current test results.


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