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View Rates

From the Agreement List, you may view rates for an agreement. Executing Firms can view, copy, delete, edit, create or add rate sets. Carrying Firms can view and reject/accept rates sets.

  • To view rates:
  1. Select View Rates in the drop-down.

  1. Select an agreement.

Tiered Rates

A rate set must be established for each agreement. There are two types of rates: Tiered and Non-Tiered. Tiered rates are established at the agreement level. Once an agreement is determined to establish a tiered rate structure, it cannot be changed to a non-tiered structure, and vice versa.

A tiered rate structure enables you to link give-up rates to volume. For instance, a firm might want to “tier” the rates it will pay, offering a lower rate for larger volume, as in the following example:

Volume Rate

1 – 99 contracts


100 – 499 contracts


500 – 2999 contracts


3000 - 10000 contracts


10000+ contracts



When creating a tiered rate set, you can add up to five levels of rates. 

Tiered rates become effective on the first calendar day of the month and expire on the last calendar day of a month.

For non-tiered agreements, the effective date must be equal to or greater than the agreement date.

Each agreement can have multiple rate sets defined by effective date. There are two types of rate sets.

  • General Rates – used to default rates for futures and options
  • Specific Rates – used to set individual rates for futures and options by commodity code and exchange


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