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Rate Sets

A rate set must be established for each agreement. You may perform the following tasks for rate sets (executing perspective only):

Create Rate Sets (Executing Perspective Only)

You may create a new rate set, which includes adding the rate details, effective date, and the expiration date.

  1. To create rate sets:
  2. Select Create.

  1. Add a "pass thru" to indicate that rates should not be applied to this agreement.
    1. Select Create Pass Thru.

For tiered agreements, the Rate Maintenance screen displays.

The Default rate will apply to product/groups not specified by the tiered agreement. Tiered rates apply to futures and options equally; you cannot specify different rates for futures versus options.


Copy Rate Sets (Executing Perspective Only)

You may add a rate set that mirrors a rate set of another existing agreement.

  1. To copy rate sets:
  2. Select Copy
  3. Choose the agreement with the rates that you would like to copy.
  4. Enter the Effective Date of the new rate set. 
  5. Select Submit.

The rate list is immediately updated.


Delete Rate Sets (Executing Perspective Only)

Unlike agreements and accounts, rates can be deleted if trades are associated with them.

Note: None of the fees for the attached give-up trades will be calculated once the rate set has been deleted.

  1. To delete rate sets:
  2. Select Delete.

An alert message displays, asking, “Are you sure you want to delete the current rate set?”

  1. Select OK.


Edit Rate Sets (Executing Perspective Only)

The Edit option on the Rate Maintenance screen allows the end-user to modify the start and/or end date of the rate set.

  1. To edit rate sets:
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Select the Date Range.
  4. Select Apply Changes.
  5. A confirmation message displays indicating that the rate set has been updated. 

All trades associated with the agreement with the updated rate set will be flagged to recalculated.



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