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Payment Details

Results from the payment search include the following details.

Note: The monthly payment calculation is as follows: Unadjusted Give-up Revenue + Cash Adjusted - Detail Disputed = Total Due

  • Month:
  • C = current month
  • P = previous month
  • Opposite Firm - See Payment Search Criteria.
  • Accounts - (In “Detail” Summarized By mode) The carrying and executing account together in one line item. This concatenation of accounts will occur if, within the agreement set-up, the accounts are defined by both the carrying and executing account for rate calculation purposes.
  • Reference Number - The firm-assigned 10 - character Agreement Reference Number associated with the account.
  • Third Party - Indicates whether payment is from a third party payment (YES) or non-third party (NO).
  • Total Conts - Total contracts.
  • Profit Center - Available if defined at the agreement or account level on the Agreement Maintenance page.
  • Tier Indicator - Tier Indicator.
  • Unadjusted Give-Up Revenue - The total (gross) amount of give-up fees generated for the payment cycle. This amount can include revenue from previous months and rejected accounts, rates or payments that have been re-accepted.
  • Cash Adjusted - The total of all cash adjustments entered by the executing firm via the Cash Adjustment page.
  • Detailed Disputed - Total amount of individual trades rejected by the carrying firm for that account number.
  • Total Due - The total give-up fees, plus cash adjustments, minus rejected activity for the specific account number and payment cycle.
  • Currency - Currency (USD, EUR and GBP). Any currency can be selected for searching but US firms will only have payments in USD. European firms can select a specific currency.


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