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Input Field Descriptions


Field Description

Executing Account

(Required) Select predefined executing accounts based on the executing and carrying firm combinations selected. Or enter an account that has not been predefined.

Carrying Account

(Required) Select predefined carrying accounts based on the executing and carrying firm combinations selected. Or enter an account that has not been predefined.

Buy/Sell Indicator

(Required) Indicates buy or sell.


(Required for Options) Put or Call indicator. If no selection is made, the GPS will process this as a Futures transaction.


(Required) Exchange code (minimum of 2 bytes) used for clearing. The commodity list will contain the commodity codes from CME, CBOT, CFE, One-Chicago and PBT. If no commodity is selected, the first item in the list will be used by default.

Org Carry Acct (Original Carry Account)

The account specified on the original trade that was given-up. If left blank, the Carrying Account value that was selected (or entered) will be listed in this field as well.

Spread Indicator

Spread Type:

  • D = Differential Spreads
  • L = Legged Spreads
  • S or 6 = Spread
  • P = PIT Trade

Session Indicator

Session indicator.

  • D= Day
  • E= Evening or G=GLOBEX

PNT Indicator

EFP type:

  • B=Block Trade
  • E= EFP Trade (Exchange for Physical)
  • N= EFR Trade (Exchange for Risk)
  • T= EFS Trade (Exchange for Swap)
  • O= OPNT (Old Privately Negotiated Trade)
  • C= RFC (Request for Cross)

APS Indicator

APS Indicator.

  • A = Average Price System trade
  • G or Blank = Give-Up Trade

Order Number

(Required) The executing firm’s card (order number).

Exercise Price (Strike Price)

(Required) A required field if a put or call indicator has been specified. If the “added trade” is a futures transaction, this field will contain zeroes.


(Required) Quantity.

Trade Price

(Required) Trade price.

Contract Date/Month

(Required) Contract Date in MM/YYYY format.

Trade Date

(Required) Trade Date in MM/DD/YYYY format.

Operator ID

CME Globex “Tag 50” identifier. Identifies traders that are registered and authorized to trade for the firm.

Broker Symbol

When available, displays three-character symbol assigned to broker.

Trade Hours

Indicates whether the trade took place during:

  • RTH - (Regular Trading Hours for Open Outcry (Pit Trading))
  • ETH - (Electronic Trading Hours for CME Globex)

Volatility-Quoted Options Indicator

Volatility-Quoted Options Indicator. Blank indicates either yes or no; blank can match anything in the search.

Order Handling Ind

Order handling indicator.


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