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Add an Agreement (Executing Perspective Only)

You may add an agreement on the Agreement Search page.

  1. To add an agreement:
  2. On the Agreement Search page, select Add.

Note: The “add” agreement feature is only available from the Executing firm perspective.

A template will display:

Note: Firms may only backdate an agreement up to 3 months.

  1. Enter the Agreement Details.
  2. Select Add.

The system displays a confirmation message.

  1. Continue to add rates to the agreement.
  2. Select View Rates from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the agreement.
  4. Enter the Agreement Details.
  5. Select Add.

A confirmation message displays indicating that the new agreement has been added to the system.

  1. Select Continue to Rates.
  2. Select Create to add a new rate set (Date Range) for the rates.

  1. Enter the Effective Date and Expiration Date.


To add another rate with the same date range, select Add.

A confirmation message displays indicating that the new rate has been added to the system.


  1. Select Continue To Accounts.
  2. Enter Account Maintenance information to add accounts to the agreement.


  1. Select Add.

A confirmation message displays indicating that the new agreement has been added to the system.

Agreement Details Attributes





Entry Required


Executing Firm

3-digit Firm id and its associated exchange.


Agreement Reference Number

Executing firm-assigned Agreement Reference Number.

Y - Must be unique for executing firm

Agreement Date

Date the agreement was created, entered or updated.

Y - Agreement date must be no more than three months prior to the current business date

Customer Name

Customer Name for this Agreement


EGUS Reference Number

Free-form text when field is updated through GPS. If agreement is downloaded from EGUS, this field will be populated automatically and is the EGUS identifying agreement number.


Customer Reference #

Executing firm-assigned Customer Reference Number.


Executing Account

Executing firm account number for this customer/agreement. Note that this field is for informational purposes only. This field on the agreement record is not a pricing criterion.


Profit Center

Sales office/profit center to which this agreement is associated. Values within profit center drop-down list will be blank (by default) and contain the predefined in the profit center ids derived from the profit center maintenance screen.

Note: Depending on your security access level, you may not have access to the profit center screen.


Inter-FCM Agreement

Y=This is an Inter-FCM agreement which encompasses all accounts at a single carrying firm not defined in another agreement. Inter-FCM firm list will be disabled unless you select “Y”.

N=Not an Inter-FCM agreement. Allows entry of multiple carrying firms and accounts under the agreement.  

N - Can only be changed to “Y” if there are no cash adjustments associated with it.


Bill Carry Firm Indicator

Y= Select “Y” if the Carry Firm should be automatically billed through GPS.

N= Select “N”, to indicate this agreement is a Third Party agreement. There will be input fields for the Third Party billing address information. It is required to enter, at minimum, the Customer Contact Name when specifying a Third Party agreement. Note that these agreements will still need to be billed manually by the firms.

N-If editing an agreement that has an associated rate-set, then the bill carry firm indicator may not be changed.


Tiered Agreement Indicator

Y= Select “Y” if the Agreement has tiered rates associated with it.

N= Select “N” if the Agreement has a non-tiered rate structure associated with it.  “N” is the default.

Y- If selected, an agreement with a tiered rate set cannot be changed to a non-tiered agreement.


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