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Self-Match Prevention

CME Globex Self-Match Prevention is optional functionality that allows a CME Globex authorized firm to prevent the matching of orders for accounts with a common beneficial ownerClosedThe individual or trading entity that is directly using the registered SMP ID to utilize SMP functionality; if buy and sell orders contain the same Self Match Prevention Identifier (SMP ID) and Globex Firm ID (GFID).

Customers who choose to use Self Match Prevention functionality must register via the Firm Administrator Dashboard and use the SMP ID(s) in FIX tag 7928Use of tag 7928 indicates that you do not wish to trade against yourself on Globex.-Self MatchPrevention ID.

Note: The combination of SMP ID and Globex Firm ID must be present on buy and sell orders, to prevent a match from occurring.
For additional details and message guidance, refer to CME Globex Self-Match Prevention or Self-Match Prevention - Frequently Asked Questions

With these enhancements, iLink customers can configure SMP functionality across multiple Globex Firm IDs within or across clearing firms.

Using the Administration > Self-Match Prevention authorized users can view and specify commonly beneficial relationships among CME Globex firms, Accounts and Operator ID; that uniquely identifies a party that accesses and/or submits messages to Globex.

For more guidance refer to Market Regulation Advisory Notice concerning CME Globex Operator ID Requirements IDs.

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