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The Adjustment screen allows the User to add, edit and view manual fee adjustment requests. Manual fee adjustment requests are used only for scenarios that cannot be updated automatically within the Exchange Fee System (EFS). Any adjustment that CAN be processed through EFS MUST be processed through EFS. This section is for the exception cases only.

NOTE: All adjustment requests are subject to the Adjustment Deadlines / Banking Schedule posted on the EFS Homepage.

The User is encouraged to complete the Adjustment template, located on each Exchange’s Homepage, in order to provide the necessary supporting calculation for the adjustment request. Refer to the Adjustment Template Instructions, also located on each Exchange’s Homepage, for assistance with completing the template.

Accessing Adjustment

Select Adjustment from the navigation menu.

Drop-down Menu:

  • Create - Select this option to add a new fee adjustment request.
  • Search - Select this option to edit, or view the status of, existing fee adjustment requests.


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