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EBS Workstation is a pre-screened credit-based trading system that allows professional traders to deal in Spot foreign exchange and NDFs, anonymously on EBS Market, or bilaterally via EBS Direct. The Workstation can be accessed via dedicated EBS terminal, EBS Leased Lines and the Internet using either a Chrome Browser or installed EBS Thin Client. The user interface (UI) provides access to a wide range of trading capabilities in a clear, intuitive manner while allowing layout configurations for individual trading styles.

This Quick Guide User Help is aimed at existing EBS Traders transitioning from one of the legacy EBS Trading solutions (EBS Workstation terminal, Global Access) to the upgraded EBS Workstation. It is assumed that Traders are broadly familiar with EBS system and its trading workflows, including use of EBS Keypad. Please refer to What’s New to stay informed about the revision history of this content when additional functionality is released.

Application Overview

All existing EBS Trading UIs will be upgraded to a unified EBS Workstation application, with features rolling out in a number of releases throughout 2021.

  • This upgrade prepares EBS users for upcoming changes to our core matching engine (currently planned for the end of 2021).
  • The upgraded EBS Workstation replicates the design principles and workflows of existing EBS trading applications. There are no changes to matching logic or pricing entitlements coming at this point. The upgraded system will be equivalent to existing EBS applications in terms of access to liquidity and trade workflows.
  • EBS will provide a dedicated USB Keypad that can be connected to a PC. Although legacy keypads connected to older EBS Workstations will not work, the layout of the new USB Keypad will be exactly the same.

Upgraded EBS Workstation

Upgraded USB Keypad

System Overview

The highly responsive HTML5 presentation layer is composed of web components designed and optimized for high performance using the latest web standards and technologies. Several Access Methods are available:

  1. Web Connect: access from your PC via Internet using either standard Chrome Browser or installed EBS Thin Client
  2. Leased Lines: access from own PC via EBS Leased Lines or CME Co-Location services
  3. Full Service: access using dedicated Workstation terminal provided by EBS

Price subscriptions and all trading will be linked to the same Trader ID as used today on Global Access or the existing Workstation. No additional setup or configuration of STP is required and trades will flow into client back office systems as normal. Traders must log out of their GA or Workstation account before attempting to log in to the same account via the upgraded EBS Workstation.

The new EBS Workstation assumes a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024.

An Unsupported Browser/Resolution error message appears in Chrome when the screen resolution does not meet the minimum requirements.

To resolve the issue, adjust the Chrome browser zoom setting to 100% or lower, and if necessary, adjust Scaling using the Windows Display Settings.


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