Update CME Customer Center Profile Information

Login privileges are assigned to customers and retained even if customers change firms, registration information, User ID or password. CME Group Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) requires a telephone number to verify a customer to the system via an automated phone call, SMS message or using the Duo Mobile app. The phone call and SMS messaging services require activation with EASE for numbers outside of the U.S.

  1. To Update the Profile:
  2. From a supported browser, access http://login.cmegroup.com.
  3. Enter the User ID and password, then select Log In.
  4. Select the User icon; select My Profile.

  1. Select Edit My Profile.

The page appears in an editable format.

  1. Update:
    • Contact Information (First Name, Last Name, company type, job role)
    • Primary Work Address (address and primary/mobile phone numbers)
    • Login Information (Email address and unique ID)
    • Security Questions/Answers - minimum 2 (to verify your identity when needed)
    • Re-agree to policies and terms (select the checkboxes if you agree)
  2. Select Submit.
  3.  Optional: If necessary, manage your DUO settings:
    1. Select Manage Duo Settings while editing your profile (or select the DuoSettings tab).

    2. Select Start Setup if this is the first time for setup.
      1. Select Mobile phone and select Continue.
      1. Select the Country and enter the Mobile Phone Number; checkmark the box to confirm the phone number and select Continue.

      2. Select the phone number's type of devide and select Continue.
      3. Install Duo Mobile if necessary on your mobile device; then select I have Duo Mobile Installed.
      4. Open Duo Mobile on your mobile device and use the + icon to scan the barcode. System displays the green checkmark to indicate success. Select Continue.

Note:Your 2FA enrollment is not complete until you select Submit at the bottom of the My Profile page, which confirms that all changes made to the profile are saved. If your profile is successfully updated, a green banner appears at the top of the page. Required fields without data or data that does not meet validation are indicated with red text indicating the required information or error.

Additional Information Required

As part of registration and to offer better content, CME Group collects contact and login information. Customers who have not updated their profile since new fields were added are required to provide responses to additional fields to complete their profile.

Upon successful login, enter the Company Type and Job Role, then select Submit.

To bypass the questions, select Cancel. Canceling additional questions is possible on a limited basis, after which it must be completed to continue to access CME Customer Center applications.


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