PGP Key Management for Emailed Reports

CME Group’s information security policy requires that electronic transmission of trade information or other sensitive data via email attachments must be encrypted. To do this, customers must acquire a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key and share the PGP public key via his or her CME Group Login profile.

A general example of a workflow:

Use either your Information Technology (IT) department guidelines, or another standard process/tool to generate PGP key pairs. The following instructions are for uploading the PGP public key that will be used for CME Group purposes.

  1. To Upload PGP Public Key:
  2. View the contents of your PGP public key. Example:
  3. Use the keyboard combination CTRL+A to select all contents of the file and use CTRL+C to copy.
  4. Use your CME Group Login to manage your PGP key.
    1. From a supported browser, access
    2. Enter the User ID and password, then select Log In. Use the appropriate links if you have forgotten your credentials.
    3. Select the User icon; select My Profile.
    4. Select the PGP Key Management tab and select Upload.
    5. Select the Add PGP Public Key field and use the keyboard combination CTRL+V to paste; then select Submit:

      The system adds your PGP public key to your CME Group Login profile and you are ready to receive CME Group encrypted reports.

Note: A matching PGP key pair and associated password decrypt files that used the key pair for encryption. Only one PGP public key can be entered in the CME Group Login ID profile at any time. If you change your CME Group Login ID profile’s PGP public key, you will no longer be able to open files that were encrypted with a previous PGP key pair.

For assistance on managing PGP Encryption from CME Group Login, please contact CME Enterprise Application & System Entitlements:

United States +1 312 456 1560
Europe +44 20 3379 3802
Asia +65 6593 5536


  • To Delete PGP Public Key:
  1. From the PGP Key Management tab, select the Delete icon.
  2. Select Yes. Your PGP public key is deleted.


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